BASS, German quality wire cutters.

BASS is a dynamic family business that has been developing and manufacturing products for industrial, efficient wire production for more than 70 years for the precision world market, including automotive and aerospace industries, as well as mechanical engineering and Medical Technology

BASS Products

BASS offers an extensive and varied range of tools for machining internal threads. High process reliability and lowering of your process costs are at BASS Central. The high-quality wire cutters of BASS in the diameter range from 1 to 64 mm are in the world market leading products. BASS wire cutters are produced from the basic materials HSSE-PM and SOLID CARBIDE.


About BASS Tapping

BASS is a family business with one of their strongest points innovative power and the unconditional will to make full use of their performance ability for BASS customers.

Efficient work processes and tight organizational channels enable BASS to translate customer requests directly into our high-quality products. This makes BASS a proven and reliable partner for your tool assortment for the production of inner thread.

BASS Tapping Quality Policy

Tapgereedschap of the brand BASS for producing inside threaded stand for consistency and highest quality worldwide. With a state-of-the-art production facility, BASS ensures optimal conditions for the production and development of the best tapgereedschappen. BASS uses a certified Quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and VDA 6.4.

BASS, 10 nanometer metering

During years of research and development, BASS has developed an extremely precise tool measurement. “IF-ToolPrecision”. This system enables the accurate measurement of tools in only one process and the automatic 3D rendering. Shape, roughness and contour including roundness of the tools are measured with a precision of 10 nanometers, i.e. ten miljoensten of a millimeter. In terms of function and precision, this measurement system is unique worldwide. IF-ToolPrecision offers BASS many advantages in the development, design and production of highly accurate thread cutting tools.