Measuring PIN or caliber for calibrating

Many descriptions with which the same is often meant. A measuring pin or caliber is used in mechanical engineering to control the dimensions of a workpiece. It is a tool that can be used to compare work pieces and materials. Also the size can be included and can be calibrated with it.

Application of measuring pins for GO or NO-GO measurement

Measuring pins or penkalibers are used to determine the inner dimensions or internal measurements of a workpiece. It is used to easily perform a GO/NOGO inspection.
Two measuring pins are needed to measure this. One measuring pin for the GO measurement, and one measuring pin for the NO-GO measurement.

GO Measurement

The measuring pin for the Go measurement is related to the smallest limit size. The GO measuring pin must be pushed into the hole of the workpiece without pressure.
If the GO measuring pin does not fit, the maximum tolerance is exceeded.

NO-GO Measurement

The NO-GO measuring pin is related to the largest border size and should not fit into the hole.
If the NO-GO measuring pin fits the hole below the minimum tolerance.

When do you use measuring pins?

This method of measuring with measuring pins is ideal for quickly measuring multiple or large numbers of workpieces. Also, a less skilled employee can easily perform a good check in this way.

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